Paul & Shark launches its new website

Responsible and sustainable

Paul & Shark continues its path towards sustainability by making the website more "responsible". Another innovative step towards environmental sustainability: a full commitment that belongs to Paul & Shark DNA, which has always applied a 360 degree focus to this subject.

By partnering with Karma Metrix, Paul & Shark is making its website a model of digital sustainability, becoming one of the first brands in the fashion industry to limit its environmental impact and energy consumption.

If the Internet were a country, it would rank 4th in the world for CO2 emissions and 3rd for energy consumption. Hence the commitment to a more conscious and responsible digital presence.

The project followed a process of analysis, starting with the measurement of the previous site's emissions performed in collaboration with Karma Metrix, the first digital sustainability tool that measures, improves and communicates the environmental impact of a website.

Following the initial evaluation, several measures have been implemented, such as the integration of Eco View into the website, which displays energy efficient pages, contributing to significant CO2e savings. This initiative, along with other optimizations such as video and image management, underlines Paul & Shark's commitment to sustainable practices in every aspect of its business.

*The assessment is carried out on the annual pageviews of one country only. The estimated CO2e emissions are the product of the total pageviews on all countries and the weighted average measured.

From the beginning of this project to the first assessment in July 2023, there was a 21% reduction in CO2e emissions compared to the initial evaluation, despite a 20% increase in page views.

The second assessment took place in February 2024 and confirmed a further 53% reduction in CO2e emissions, despite a 20% increase in pageviews. This is a clear improvement that confirms the effectiveness of the project that Paul & Shark has undertaken together with Karma Metrix.