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Striving for excellence in the quality of materials and workmanship, Paul&Shark places the efficiency of its production processes at the centre of its mission, according to the principles of respect and saving water.

Following this vision, since 2021 control and monitoring procedures together with innovative tools have been implemented in the fulling department.

Here, the fulling machines have been connected to the Biofilter, a water filtration and purification system that allows a continuous reuse.

How Biofilter works

The Biofilter consists of a main tank connected to four other communicating sections. The water, flowing through these sections, is filtered and purified by bacteria bred for the purpose of making it pure and infinitely reusable.

Our water consumption, reduced to essentials

In order to save water, the system has been set up in a closed cycle: the washing machines are directly connected to the Biofilter, which receives, filters, and makes the same water available to the machines again and again (except for ordinary/extraordinary maintenance and any additions due to normal water evaporation).

By doing so, we reduce our water consumption to the essentials.

biofiltro imagebiofiltro image

Every day, Paul&Shark renews its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Explore all our sustainable projects.