Close to the sky 

We are at 3000 meters, on the Stelvio Pass, in Trentino-Alto Adige. In the rarefied atmosphere only the sound of the wind is heard. 

Andrea and his great passion for snowboarding take us to wonderful places at high altitude, where nature is protected and untouched. We feel like being in another dimension, higher than the peaks on the horizon, where colors shape the silhouette of the mountains from dawn to sunset.

From an early age Andrea always went to the mountains: "My father was my teacher. Over time, falls after falls, he taught me to find the balance, the confidence and the courage to face the downhill slope".

The relationship with the mountain never stops evolving. It is a continuous discovery, a continuous competition that requires time, energy and willpower.

"When you ski you seek adrenaline, but no one will give you a rating: it's a personal matter, a challenge with yourself”.

And this is what it feels like every time you are swaying with your snowboard, just you and the mountain: a sense of freedom.