Nicolò Martinenghi x Paul & Shark

A different way to live water

The world and Olympic champion Nicolò Martinenghi, Brand Ambassador of Paul & Shark, takes us to one of his favorite places in the Italian Alps: Livigno.

It is here, between silence and nature, that Nicolò finds the space and the time for his concentration and determination, which he needs to race.

"Everything that is a little escape from the usual routine affects me positively, whether it is training in the mountains or outdoors."

A place surrounded by mountains, made of mirrors and streams. Water, in all its forms, is the common element that inspires Paul & Shark and Nicolò Martinenghi.

"The river and the lake represent a sort of metaphor for me. Letting flow, letting go is what characterizes me, and I enjoy observing what is my main element."

Nicolò Martinenghi

Brand Ambassador