Contemporary Edge



Skating is a story of love and passion, a sort of need. From surfing to skating, so that Californian surfers could experience the power of the waves, even without the sea. Berlin, a contemporary and versatile city, is the ideal setting for skateboarding since it spontaneously offers many spaces. Kevin and Lorenz, two young skaters, showed us this world, through the streets of Berlin and told us about their passion.

Through evolutions and tricks, from the skate park at the Frankfurter Allee to Postdamer Plat, we watched them and told their stories, falling in love with the skate, an object that carries an infinite number of meanings: freedom, agility, the wind and the skies under which to ride.

"Skateboarding is all about balance and it's deeply connected to the mind. When you're on the skateboard, everything else just fades away."