Paul & Shark, a registered trademark of Dama S.p.A., has established a Club that offers its members the following advantages: a dedicated Customer Service, the opportunity to join the Miles Program, access to a dedicated Prize catalog, a customized My Account section for saving payment and shipping preferences, awards contests, reserved promotions and early access to events and initiatives. In order to become a Paul & Shark Club Member and avail of the opportunities offered, you have to apply by acknowledging and accepting the following provisions and rules.



You may only enter your own name. The individual registering is accountable for any errors in the provided information. It is prohibited to input names, postal addresses, email addresses, or other data that do not pertain to the registrant. Failure to adhere to this prohibition necessitates indemnifying and absolving Dama S.p.A. from any claims by third parties resulting from incorrect data. It is also forbidden to enter individual data into the website, thereby altering, compromising, or granting access to the Paul & Shark system for third parties.


Upon successful membership application, Paul & Shark Club members will receive a personalized card with a unique code delivered to the address provided in the registration form. This code grants members access to a wide range of exclusive privileges and services reserved for Paul & Shark Club members. Each member is accountable for safeguarding the confidentiality of their personal code and must not permit its use by third parties.


Individuals who have purchased a Paul & Shark product and website visitors interested in registering in this section are eligible to apply for Club membership. The following entities are not eligible to join the Club or participate in any associated activities: legal entities, employees, and collaborators of Dama S.p.A. and its affiliated groups and companies, as well as agents, proprietors, and employees of stores retailing Paul & Shark products.


Each Club member is entitled to hold a single Card. If a member receives two or more Cards under their name, or with similar, incomplete, or incorrect names or surnames, and delivered to their postal address, it is the responsibility Of the Club member to promptly notify Paul & Shark in writing at Customer Service. Additionally, the member should return any duplicate or incorrectly addressed Cards to Paul & Shark Club – Dama S.p.A. – Via Piemonte 174, Varese, Italy.


Paul & Shark Club members are required to notify any changes in their residential address or email address to the dedicated address: cs@paulshark.it.


If a member loses their card, they should promptly report it to the following address: cs@paulshark.it. Subsequently, Paul & Shark will issue a replacement card.


If Paul & Shark determines that, due to a copying error, the Card does not correspond to any legitimate member, the company reserves the right to invalidate the Card and nullify any Miles accumulated under the Miles Program as described below. In cases where Paul & Shark, at its sole discretion, identifies a member attempting to use identification and legitimacy documents that do not adhere to the Club regulations, or if any prohibited behaviour is detected within the Club program, the company reserves the right to expel the member from the Club and all associated events. In the event of such exclusion, all accumulated Miles, as well as related privileges and services will be forfeited, and the Card must be returned.


Miles Program

When a Paul & Shark garment is purchased, the member becomes eligible to earn a specific number of Miles. To accrue these Miles, the data printed on the label attached to the garment should be entered into the “Register your purchases” section, including the style, size, color and lot.


To have the Miles credited, the item must be registered within six months from the date of purchase. Paul & Shark retains the right to request the original receipt or purchase ticket at any time. It's important to note that Miles cannot be credited for garments that were either received as gifts or purchased without a valid receipt or ticket.


To claim a gift, a minimum of 500 Miles is required. Once this threshold is reached, you can select a gift, such as a Paul & Shark item, from those available in the “Prize Catalog” section. For gifts of higher categories, you can continue collecting Miles to redeem them.


Gifts are categorized based on the varying quantities of Miles accumulated. You can always check which gift category corresponds to a specific number of Miles by visiting the “Prize Catalog” section.


The number of Miles assigned to each individual garment is communicated in the Award Catalog. It’s important to note that Paul & Shark holds the ultimate discretion in determining the specific quantity of Miles allocated to each individual garment.


New Club member will be greeted by Paul & Shark with a Silver Card and a bonus of 100 Miles. Members who accumulate a minimum of 3000 Miles within a single year will be awarded a Gold Card along with a 200 Miles bonus. For those who collect a minimum of 6000 Miles in one year, Paul & Shark will grant them a Platinum Card and an additional bonus of 400 Miles.


Paul & Shark chooses gifts based on the availability of articles. If any of the proposed gift items are unavailable, Paul & Shark reserves the right to substitute the item with one of a similar style, type and value. The colour variant displayed is subject to availability as well and may be modified based on the items in stock. After the gift has been delivered, it cannot be exchanged, replaced, or refunded.


The Miles will remain valid until the 31st of December each year, and their validity can be extended from year to year through a communication made in the Club section of the website www.paulandshark.com. Paul & Shark reserves the right to modify or supplement the rules and terms governing the Miles Program, either in full or in part, with prior notice in the Club section of the website www.paulandshark.com. This will be done while ensuring the rights already acquired by participants are adequately protected. No Miles will be credited, and no member's reserved privilege or service will be recognized beyond the expiry or cancellation date.


The nominal Card is strictly personal, as are the member's reserved privileges and the accumulated Miles. Neither the Card nor the Miles or privileges can be assigned, transferred, converted into cash, or refunded, even if they are only partially used. If two or more Cards are registered in the same member's name, Paul & Shark will consolidate the collected Miles into a single account.


Paul & Shark retains the authority to deduct mistakenly credited Miles from a member's total Miles and to introduce additional Miles during specific promotional campaigns.


Under no circumstances will Paul & Shark be held accountable for communication delays, delivery issues, or losses caused by postal services or any other carriers.


Every member has the option to cancel their registration with the Club and the Miles Program at any time. To do so, please communicate your decision to the dedicated address: cs@paulshark.it.


In the event of any dispute regarding the validity, interpretation, and/or fulfilment of the general terms of the Miles Program, Italian law and jurisdiction will apply. The exclusive jurisdiction for such matters shall be the Court of Varese.


By declaring acceptance, you confirm: "I accept the general terms governing the Paul & Shark Club and the 'Miles' Program. I agree with the provisions outlined in paragraphs I, VII, IX, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, and XX."