Tales of Water



Three different characters in an overseas tale, united by a common thread: water.

A lonely fisherman who lives on the Northern Canadian costs far from the bustle of the city. An Hawaiian photographer who has chosen to live and tell the tropical nature and the beauties of the islands. A young biologist who has made nature a life choice in an ecosystem just outside the city of San Francisco.

These realities, woven together by the love of water, are told through the eyes of Zak Powers, a Canadian filmmaker who has always been fascinated and inspired by all that is related with nature and humankind. A short docu-series outcome of a project born from Paul&Shark’s desire to tell the stories of young talents who have made their passions a life choice.

Filmmaker Zak Powers


“We listen to the inspired stories and feel a connection to the water, the transformative landscapes and the strength of the extreme climates that give depth to their daily wonder.”

Filmmaker Zak Powers introduces a series of three documentaries dedicated to unique stories of men in wildly different environments, all united by their love for water.




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