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Re-Sail jacket


The upcycling meets the style, giving to one-of-a-kind garments.

From the collaboration between Paul&Shark and expert sailmakers comes the Re-Sail limited edition, a series of jackets with a contemporary style and exclusive heritage. Disused sails are restored to be creatively reinterpreted under the shape of the Re-Sail jacket. The availability of disused sails is variable and limited, that is the reason why the pieces created are all unique. Each jacket encapsulates the story of the sails with which it was made, a tale of craftsmanship, vigour and freedom, evoking the colours of the sea and the sounds of the wind. Exclusive details, such as the large inner labels, numbers, logos and sailing-derived elements, celebrate the universe from which the garment comes and embellish the jacket's urban-casual nature.

The Re-Sail project is part of the path that Paul&Shark has long pursued in favour of sustainability, in this context takes the form of upcycling. The activity of upcycling disused material and its revaluation in a creative key is a hymn to the brand's core values.

A selection of Re-Sail jackets is now available in the most prestigious Paul&Shark flagship stores as part of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

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