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By using sustainable raw materials and technologies that increase efficiency in water and energy consumption, Paul&Shark honours its commitment to reduce its environmental footprint.

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Paul&Shark enthusiastically continues the SAVE THE SEA project, a collection made by using certified recycled polyester filaments, derived from post-consumer plastic bottles that pollute the sea.

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The fabric provides thermal insulation, waterproof and windproof performance, comfort and lightweight, minimising the negative impacts on the environment.

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Eco Wool reduces CO2 emission, toxic emissions from incinerators, intensive exploitation of sheep and grazing land.

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Paul&Shark continues its commitment to sustainability by giving a new life to recycled down, without forsaking high quality standards.

According to Oeko-Tex standard 100, the recycled down is a mix of goose and duck down, 650 Fill Power.









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Paul&Shark uses super fine wool from the Beaufront property in Tasmania, famous for its exclusive merino sheep grazing estate, in Australia.

The sprawling farm is characterized by its extremely high levels of animal welfare for wool production. The Beaufront property identifies and incorporates practices that suit the unique environment surrounding it, promoting bio-diversity and grazing.

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organic cotton organic cotton

Paul&Shark realize all t-shirt and polo in organic cotton, a high quality yarn originates from precious varieties of extra-long staple egyptian cotton, handpicked and grown using methods and products that have a low impact on the environment.

Organic cotton farming uses organic production system which eliminate the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are toxic and persisten in the environment and in the cotton itself.

shark trust shark trust

Paul&Shark collaborates with the Shark Trust to protect the sharks and the marine ecosystem.

The Shark Trust is committed to the effective conservation of sharks. Their projects and campaigns help to protect vulnerable species, trasform fisheries and promote responsible trade.

Paul&Shark is working with the Shark Trust to help safeguard the future of these animals through positive change.

E.M.W.Shield E.M.W.Shield

An Innovative technology that allows you to isolate the mobile phone pockets of the garments using a steelfiberelining to ensure a protective shield against the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile devices. Steel this metalownhas intrinsic properties among which the fact that it iswhich make itan excellent conductor, and therefore absorbss harmful electromagnetic wavesand createings a powerful and effective shield.

E.M.W.shield E.M.W.shield