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Paul&Shark presents an Innovative Typhoon 20000 Capsule Collection, the latest in outerwear essentials.

To present the Typhoon 20000 capsule collection, Paul&Shark, tapped rising UK musician Santino Le Saint who starred in Paul&Shark campaign.

Honouring London's mesmerising city landscape, the new campaign emphasises how the Typhoon jacket and the related collection composed also by an hoodie is versatile for everyday use around the city: bringing together functionality and contemporary street styles.

Typhoon 20000 Typhoon 20000
Typhoon Typhoon
typhoon typhoon

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TYPHOON 20000 is the innovative treatment engineered exclusively by Paul&Shark able to guarantee high waterproof and windproof performance under all weather conditions thanks to an ultra-thin membrane that does not allow water drops to penetrate into the fabric.

Through a revolutionary process, every single square centimeter of this completely water-repellent fabric is able to withstand a 20-metere water column and very strong gusts of wind.

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