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The Technologie

Typhoon 20000 is the innovative treatment engineered exclusively by Paul&Shark able to guarantee high waterproof and windproof performance under all weather conditions thanks to an ultra-thin membrane that does not allow water drops to penetrate into the fabric.

Through a revolutionary process, every single square centimeter of this completely water-repellent fabric is able to withstand a 20-metere water column and very strong gusts of wind.

The membrane is designed with a highly breathable molecular structure that facilitates air circulation and ensures maximum breathability and dispersion of excess body heat.

Laser cutting redefines the technology and style of the item.

Zip wrapped and thermonastric stitching.

typhoon 20.000

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typhoon 20.000

Typhoon 20000

Typhoon 20000, the range of fabrics engineered by Paul&Shark, ensures waterproof and windproof protection for any weather conditions.

Thanks to the ultra soft membrane, typhoon prevents drops of water from penetrating the fabric yet allows for maximum breathability and comfort. Typhoon 20000, a technical innovation with a high level of functional performance.

Typhoon 20000 Micro

Typhoon 20000 micro consists of 2 layers with an ultra soft finish, suitable for everyday use and waterproof in light rain or snow.

typhoon 20.000
typhoon 20.000

Typhoon 20000 Twill

Typhoon 20000 twill is a technical fabric with a wool appearance crafted for casual occasions and for an urban look.

This item is lined with Primaloft Insulation, a textile made of ultralight, breathable and hydrorepellent fibres. These ultrathin fibres ensure top performance in terms of weight/heat ratio, resulting in a unique feeling of comfort, in all weather conditions.

Typhoon 20000 Lite

Typhoon 20000 lite is designed to be the thinnest and lightest version of the range with 3 extremely fine layers

7 denier nylon ripstop

7 micron functional membrane

7 denier backside tricot

typhoon 20.000