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Green Company

Thanks to the installation of over 500 solar panels at its headquarters, Paul&Shark covers around 15% of the company’s own annual energy consumption itself.

Green company
Save the sea

Save the Sea

Paul&Shark presents the SAVE THE SEA project, a collection produced by using certified recycled polyester filaments, 100% made from post-consumer plastic bottles that pollute the sea.

During Design Week 2018, Paul&Shark introduced the first item of its SAVE THE SEA collection, with the artwork of artist Anna Rita Serra made for the occasion from plastic and wood collected along the beaches of Sardinia, her native land.

Paul&Shark found the perfect interpretation of its own values in this artwork, and, together with the artist, transformed the key elements that represent the DNA of the brand - water and sea, in their multiple expressions, into art.

Art and design dedicated to ecosystems.

Shark Trust

Paul&Shark collaborates with the SHARK TRUST, to protect the world’s sharks and the marine ecosystem.

The Shark Trust is committed to shark protection and conservation. Their projects and campaigns help protect this most vulnerable of species, transforming fisheries, reducing the practice of shark finning (the practice of cutting off shark fins, to subsequently put the shark's body back into the water) and promoting responsible trade.

Paul&Shark is working with the Shark Trust to help safeguard the future of these animals through positive change.

Shark Trust

Organic and Sustainable

Paul&Shark produces its T-shirts and polo shirts entirely in organic cotton. This high quality yarn originates from precious varieties of extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, handpicked and grown using methods and products with a low environmental impact.

Organic cotton farming uses organic production systems which eliminate the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are toxic and persistent, both in the environment and inside the cotton itself. ORGANIC COTTON has obtained textile certification, in accordance with the international Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The dyes used by Paul&Shark for direct printing on fabric ensure maximum safety, both for the environment and the consumer: they are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® standards.

Cruelty Free

Paul&Shark uses super fine wool from the Beaufront property in Tasmania, famous for its exclusive merino sheep grazing estate, in Australia.

The sprawling farm is characterized by its extremely high levels of animal welfare for wool production. The Beaufront property identifies and incorporates practices that suit the unique environment surrounding it, promoting bio-diversity and grazing.