Re-Wool & Re-Cashmere


Among the oldest natural fibers, wool and cashmere are recognized for their high qualities, a characteristic that they keep intact throughout their entire life, from the virgin fiber condition to post-consumer use. 

Thanks to the reuse of existing materials, it is possible to reduce the waste generated by the industry, specifically water and energy consumption. By avoiding production and harvest of raw material, consumption and emissions from sheep and goats farming, their livelihood, cleaning, and transport of the raw material are limited. Paul&Shark confirms its commitment to reduce waste and its environmental impact using regenerated wool and cashmere. A careful and meticulous selection of the finest yarns gives rise to the Re-Wool and Re-Cashmere garments, whose characteristics of elegance, refinement and softness are further enhanced thanks to the commitment to the circularity of materials. All selected yarns are Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified. 

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