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Paul&Shark Club General Terms

Paul&Shark, a registered trademark of Dama S.p.A., has established a Club that offers its members the following privileges: a dedicated Customer Service, an e-mail address cs@paulshark.it and the chance to participate in the "Miles" Program.
In order to become a Paul&Shark Club Member and to take advantage of the opportunities offered, you have to apply by acknowledging and accepting the present provisions.



You can enter only your own name. Whoever registers is responsible for any mistake relating to the sent information. It is forbidden to enter names, postal addresses, e-mail addresses or other information that do not refer to the person who is registering. Whoever does not comply with this prohibition is bound to indemnify and hold harmless Dama S.p.A. from and against any third party claim asserted in the case of wrong data. It is forbidden to enter single data in the website thus changing, damaging or making accessible the Paul&Shark system to third parties.



After applying for membership, the Paul&Shark Club members will receive a Card with a personal code at the address given in the registration form. This code allows the member to take advantage of all privileges and services reserved to the Paul&Shark Club members. Each member is responsible for the secrecy of his code and can not grant its use to third parties.



Whoever has purchased a Paul&Shark product and all website visitors willing to register in this section may apply for Club membership. The following parties may not join the Club or any activity connected with it: legal persons, employees and cooperators of Dama Spa and of its associated groups and companies, agents, owners and employees of stores selling Paul&Shark products.



Each Club member may hold only one Card. Upon receiving two or more Cards registered in his/her name, or with a similar, partial or wrong name or surname, addressed to his/her postal address, the Club member must notify it to Paul&Shark in writing to the address cs@paulshark.it and return the duplicate or wrong Cards to Paul&Shark Club - Dama S.p.A.- Via Piemonte 174 - Varese - Italy.



The Paul&Shark Club member must communicate any change of residence or e-mail address to the dedicated address: cs@paulshark.it.



In case of Card loss, the member must notify it to the address: cs@paulshark.it. Paul&Shark will then issue a new card.



In case Paul&Shark verifies that, due to a copying mistake, the Card does not correspond to any member, it has the right to invalidate the Card and to cancel the Miles collected according to the below described "Miles" program. Should Paul&Shark find out, at its final judgment, that a member is trying to use the identification and legitimacy documents non in compliance with the Club rules, or in the event of any behavior not allowed by the Club program, it is entitled to exclude the member from the Club and from all the connected events. In case of exclusion from the Club, all collected Miles and the relevant privileges and services shall be lost and the Card shall be returned.



"Miles" Program

The purchase of a Paul&Shark garment entitles the member to be credited with a certain number of Miles. The data printed on the label attached to the garment must be entered in the "New Miles" section: Style No., Size, Color, Lot.



In order to have the Miles credited, the article must be registered within six months of the purchase date. Paul&Shark reserves the right to request at any moment the original receipt or ticket showing the performed purchase. The Miles crediting does not include the garments bought or those received as a gift for which no ticket or receipt is available.



The minimum number of Miles required for claiming a gift is 750. After reaching this quantity it is possible to choose a gift, i.e. a Paul&Shark article, among those suggested in the "Miles Redemption" section. For higher category gifts it is possible to continue the Miles collection.



The gifts are divided into categories according to the different quantities of Miles. By clicking the "Miles Redemption" section it is possible to check at any time which gift category a specific number of Miles corresponds to.



The quantity of Miles assigned to each single garment is communicated when the purchased article is registered. If you want to know how many Miles an article corresponds to before registering it, please get in touch with the dedicated address: cs@paulshark.it. Paul&Shark reserves the final judgment in assigning specific quantity of Miles to each single garment.



The new Club members will be welcomed by Paul&Shark with a Silver Card and a bonus worth 100 Miles. The Club members collecting at least 3000 Miles in one year will receive a Gold Card and a bonus worth 200 Miles. The Club members collecting at least 6000 Miles in one year will receive a Platinum Card and a bonus worth 400 Miles.



Paul&Shark selects the gifts according to the article availability. If one or more articles proposed as gift are not available, Paul&Shark reserves the right to replace the article with one similar in style, type and value. The color variant is shown based on availability and it can be changed at any time according to the available articles. Once delivered the gift can not be changed, replaced or reimbursed.



The "Miles" will be valid up to 31st December of each year and their validity may be renewed from year to year via a communication made in the Club section of the website www.paulandshark.com . Paul&Shark reserves the right to amend or add, totally or partially, the rules and terms governing the "Miles "Program, by giving prior notice in the Club section of the website www.paulandshark.com, provided that the rights acquired by the participants are duly protected. No Mile may be credited and no member's reserved privilege or service may be acknowledged starting from the expiry or cancellation date.



The nominal Card is strictly personal as well as the member's reserved privileges and the collected Miles. Neither the Card nor the Miles or privileges can be assigned, transferred, converted into money or reimbursed in case they are partially used. In case two or more Cards are registered in the name of the same member, Paul&Shark will transfer the collected Miles onto one single account.



Paul&Shark reserves the right to reduce the Miles which have been credited by mistake from the number of Miles collected by any member and to add supplementary Miles on the occasion of specific promotional campaigns, which will be launched in the Club section of the website www.paulandshark.com.



In no event whatsoever Paul&Shark may be deemed responsible for communication delays, distribution or loss due to postal services or any other carrier.



Each member has the right to cancel at any moment his/her registration to the Club and to the "Miles" Program. Such decision has to be communicated to the dedicated address: cs@paulshark.it



The Italian law and jurisdiction shall apply in case of any dispute arising as to the validity, interpretation and/or fulfillment of the "Miles" Program general terms. The exclusively competent court shall be the Court of Varese.


Declaring the acceptance you declare: I accept the general terms governing the Paul&Shark Club and the "Miles" Program. I accept the provisions under paragraphs I., VII., IX., XIV., XV., XVI., XVII., XVIII., XX.